How to Start Driving

Driving Licence
You can apply for your provisional driving licence online by visiting the DVLA site or ask your local Post Office for a D1 application form.

Apply for your provisional licence in goodtime to be ready for your 17th birthday or 16th birthday if you are registered as disabled.

When you are in receipt of your driving licence and at the legal age to drive you can start your driving lessons and apply for your theory test.

The Theory and Hazard Perception tests
You will need to pass a two parts test, the first part is a multiple choice test and the second is a Hazard Perception test. Both parts are done on a computer by using a touch screen for the questions and a mouse for the hazard perception to test your response on the 14 video clips.

Even though you are in a room with a number of other candidates you are screened from one another and you have the option to wear headphones to drown out any distractions. You have to pass both parts to be successful.

The theory test can be booked by visiting the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website or a member of the Countywide team will book it for you. Book Now

The Driving Test
You are required to attend the driving test in a suitable vehicle and with the correct documentation. 

To pass your driving test you are required to read a number plate and answer 2 show me tell questions about the vehicle. The Examiner will then test your ability to drive and perform up to two reverse manoeuvres, the test generally last for approximately 35 minutes. 

You will be told the result at the end of yout test. The Examiner will briefly explain any driving faults that you may have accumulated and what your next course of action is depending on the result.

Countywide can help you to achieve a pass with all the above tests. Call today for more information or to have a chat with one of our driving instructors.

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