Successful Candidates Reviews

Candidate: Daniel Leachman


I recently had lessons through you and you passed me to chandra

And I would like to say how good my driving instructor was 
To be honest it didn't even feel like lessons I could already drive from past experience so it felt more like two friends going for a drive 
He was very good at explaining maneuvers and was very patient  all in all it was good to be around him 
I would highly recommend him to anyone 
Daniel leachman

Candidate: Ella Busk


John was an amazing instructor. He was patient and relaxed, which made me feel at ease, but also very on the ball and quick to notice any weaker points, and perfect them. Before my 5 day intense course I had never driven on the road, and immediately after the course I felt like a confident driver, and was test ready. Would recommend him to any Learner driver :)


Candidate: Katie Baxter



Hello there!

My name is Katie Baxter and I passed my driving test last week on Wednesday all thanks to Clare! I was very nervous about driving and had to changed my instructor 3 weeks before my test! That's when Clare came along and saved the day with her positivity and enthusiasm! I had a few two hour lessons with her each week for two weeks and was very nervous, still had some work to do but Clare was straight to it telling me what I need to work on and giving clear instruction and nipped all my bad habits in the bud- I found her handout very useful as well as I didn't have long to get test ready! She really put a lot of confidence in me always saying I was ready and can do it! Then I passed first time! She was a absolute star! Thank you very much I couldn't have done it without her⭐️


Candidate: Mejayla Cole


I recently passed my test 2 days ago and passed first time!! Jason was by far a better instructor than I could have imagined. He's very patient and made me feel so at ease. He was my second instructor and learning from him has made me so comfortable with driving that I can actually enjoy it! If I didn't understand something, he never once got impatient with me, but instead used other methods for me to understand, and this was probably the biggest confidence boost because I knew I was capable! I felt very prepared for my test and ended up going there with a lot more confidence than I thought I had!  I would recommend Jason to absolutely anyone, he goes above and beyond and is such a great teacher for a life skill that's going to stay with me!!

Thank you Jason!!

Candidate: David


Lisa is very calm and professional, she watches for the weak points in your driving and works on them until they become second nature , I'd never driven a car but after 36 hours with Lisa she made me into a very competent confident driver and I passed first time with 3 minors , I'd recommend Lisa to anyone definitely an asset to Countywide , she is also a good laugh and easy to chat to whilst driving. Thankyou Lisa.


Candidate: Beth Martin


I want to add a testimonial for Lawrence.

I was very nervous about learning to drive having failed previously and left it a long time before trying again. Lawrence was a patient and reassuring instructor. He used a range of different teaching techniques to help me learn and give me confidence but he also pushed me when I needed that. I would recommend him to anyone!


Candidate: Gracie Fernandes


I passed my test this week last wednesday. I am very Happy. I Would like to thank you my best ever instrutor Jason for All kind and patience with me, he  made me feel confidence, ready to be a good driver. I definitely recommend JASON, he is absolutely great teacher. Thank you very much!!! Gracie


Candidate: David Parsons



I would like thank driving instructor Mark Nicholson by writing a testimonial...so here goes...

A big thank you to Countywide and Mark Nicholson for my intensive course which resulted in passing first time. 

Mark demonstrated patience and explained manoeuvres in a way that made it easy to understand and ultimately master. 
With the use of on board wifi enabled cameras (front and rear), Mark was able to replay and review my performance which allowed me to realise my own strengths and weaknesses with clear and good instructions on how to overcome my weaknesses.
Mark also used visual aids with the use of an ipad to show mapped out scenarios such as junctions and roundabouts to give a clear understanding of how to approach such scenarios.
With good interpersonal skills, maintaining a reassuring voice when doing well and patience with the more difficult areas, I would give Mark 10 out of 10 and would be happy to recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive.

Kind Regards
David Parsons
Newhaven, East Sussex


Candidate: Ben


Thank you Countywide for helping me to pass my manual driving test. Lisa was a fantastic instructor who ensured I was fully equipped to pass my test the first time around. Her patience, knowledge and can-do attitude is a true asset and I am thankful for her support and tips to ensure I continue to drive safely in the future.


Candidate: Jade Adams


Hi there,

Just a quick review on my intensive driving course, I'm more than happy for it to be posted anywhere on your website/social media pages:-

I have recently had a 36 hour intensive driving course with Lawrence and passed my test first time.

I can't express how kind and patient Lawrence was constantly giving me confidence and even dealing with my occasional tears! I am so so happy I had him as my instructor as I previously had a bad experience with a driving instructor. With the techniques he taught me I already feel safe on the roads whilst driving alone, and have really enjoyed driving so far due to the lessons, which I never thought I would do.

I can't express how grateful I am to Lawrence for all his help over the two weeks of lessons and for all the support and encouragement he gave me! I will definitely be recommending him !

Kind regards
Jade Adams

Candidate: Kevin Gobey


My grandson Kevin Gobey passes his practical driving licence this morning.

I would just like to praise the teaching done by Mr Shabir from Peterborough.

His manner with my grandson was both professional and fatherly. Kevin found him to be calm and helpful with what is a stressing experience.

I can only recommend him as an excellent driving instructor.

I must also thank Pass-now for the assistance supplied.
Kind regards
Eileen Hessler 


Candidate: Georgia Lewis


A shout out to a fantastic driving instructor- Jason Hughes-King. Without whom, I would not have just passed my practical test! I found Jason to be extremely thorough in his approach using proved techniques and methods that were easy to remember, and i can tell that i'll carry them through into my future of driving. 

Despite being dyslexic and having a bit of trouble with my left and rights and back to front's, Jason was very patient and helped me find my own way in my own time. Not only is he experienced and professional, but we also had a right laugh and i considered him a friend.
For anyone looking for an Instructor in and around the Brighton area, I Recommend Jason 100% 

Candidate: Victoria Mann


Hello, no need to call me back unless you wanted more info.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you no that I was so very happy with 

Mark my driving instructor! I passed my test today, first time (first time with with him, I had previously taken a test but that was 6 and a half years ago) And to be honest I had decided already regardless of pass or fail that I was going to message and say how great he was. I was a VERY nervous driver and I did a weeks intensive with Mark and the difference in that week was so incredible and that was all because he was so patient and understanding, if something didn't work, we found a way it did! He was amazing. I am now a confident driver and I never thought that was going to happen haha! I have, and will continue to reccomend Mark and county wide to all my friends because of him so you definatly have a good one there! Massive thank you to mark and countywide, I'm so chuffed after so many years I'm finally a driver! Woo! :)

Candidate: Alex Morrell


I would like to take this opportunity to recommend my driving instructor Jason. As a older learner who had never driven before Jason did a fantastic job and I was able to pass my test and now have the confidence to drive on my own whether in towns or on the motorways. Jason’s hands on approach meant that driving lessons were spent actually driving rather than sitting stationary being told what to do by an instructor. Jason is extremely patient and knowledgeable about the area in which the test takes place, and this helps immensely when taking the test. He cares deeply about his customers and understands the pressures and how much passing a test means to them. For anyone in Brighton looking to book driving lessons Jason and the countywide team would my first port of call! I would like to thank him for all his patience and help.
Many thanks Alex

Candidate: John Glover



I recently took a 1 week intensive course through your driving school and would like to thank you all of you for your help from booking the course and all the tests to the actual lessons.

I would especially like to thank Mark who was my instructor, his method of teaching was fantastic and made me feel comfortable and confident on each day of the course, his patience over the week was great and he made me feel relaxed and showed me that I was more than capable of passing my test which I did on my first attempt.

Thank you Mark and all at Countrywide.

Kind Regards

John Glover

Commercial Manager


Candidate: Karla Wiltshire


Thank you! I would be more than happy to give my feedback.

Lawrence is a very good teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone! He was very understanding and patient did not raise his voice once and made me feel like I had achieved and learnt something every lesson. I look forward to taking the pass plus course with him in the future also :) 
P.s if possible could this feedback be posted on the countywide website please!
Kind regards 
Karla Wiltshire 


Candidate: Siobhan Heaney


Hello i would just like yo say a massive thank you to Derek who taught me how 
to drive and i have passed my first time. he is very friendly welcoming and 
very professional i have never been in a car before and Derek made me feel so 
confident without him i would'nt of been able to pass my test highly 
recommend Derek to all my friends and family

many thanks
siobhan heaney

Candidate: Lucas Gharu


I recently passed my driving test with the help of Jason Hughes-King. Jason makes sure you always go into your driving test with all the skills required to pass. His teaching is very effective and he will always explain things if there’s something you don’t understand while encouraging you to ask questions. I found Jason to be very patient with excellent knowledge of test areas. I would highly recommend Jason as a driving instructor if you are looking to learn how to drive. Lucas


Candidate: Emma Gratwicke


Thank u so much for your patience and understanding. John and I are over the moon.


Candidate: Oliver Hornsby


Always on time, and very thorough with a very good teaching method. I passed after just 15 hours of his tuition. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive.


Candidate: Hui


Hui does not have a working email address and has asked me to tell you that Lawrence was an excellent driving instructor and he has already recommended him to his brother who is going to book driving lessons with him.


Linda Cooper FCCA


Candidate: Samantha Buckwell


Hi Paul,

Thanks! Happy to provide a testimonial:
I really enjoyed my lessons. Mike made me feel confident from day one and he did great job taking away any apprehension I had about learning to drive. His firm but patient approach to reinforcing key skills ensured I learnt quickly and cut down on repeating basic mistakes. I felt like I was improving every lesson and Mike gave me the practical skills and confidence to pass the test in just under 2 months.
Kind regards,


Candidate: Andy Markwell



Just to say thanks to Countrywide and Lawrence in Sussex for helping me pass my test quickly and efficiently with only 2 minors. Lawrence is patient and technically faultless in his tuition but most importantly a normal human being which in quite a stressful environment is invaluable.

Will be recommending Lawrence to others.

Kind regards

Andy Markwell

Candidate: Ben Tawanda Sithole


Thank you Paul, could you send my gratitude to the whole driving school,

Mike was excellent from the get go he was technically sound with all driving material and he had the ability to explain things in a away that I can easy process and apply to my driving. He didn't hold back on criticism which I had no problem with and are traits of a good instructor. But all and all I had an enjoyable experience with Mike, he's a fantastic instructor, I will recommend him to all my peers and he's the reason why I passed my test first time.
Ben Tawanda Sithole


Candidate: Jordan Watson


I have greatly enjoyed learning to drive with Lawrence. I found his way of teaching to be thorough and enjoyable. In my first couple of lessons, when I was anxious about getting on to busier roads, he was very reassuring and I felt safe in taking my next step in learning to drive. I found the introductory theory sections of the lesson for the first 5-10 mins very useful as I was able to ask him questions that I could put into practise in that lesson. Not only was Lawrence a great teacher, he was also a nice, friendly person to have my lessons with and I'm very grateful that I chose to learn with Countywide. Thank you.


Candidate: Tom Bollard


Hello there, 

Just wanted to leave a quick review on my driving instructor Jason. He was absolutely brilliant throughout the whole process of learning to drive. Jason is extremely thorough and makes sure you understand everything you need to know before taking you on your test. He’s very patient and has a great understanding. I’ve gone from having next to no experience to passing first time. Jason’s a lovely guy and easy to get on with. Many thanks mate. 

Tom Bollard.

Candidate: Dan

Mike was a great instructor, he gauged my character very quickly and made me feel comfortable whilst constantly pushing me. He didn't just teach me to pass my test but also to be a confident independent driver for when I passed. 
Thanks again to Mike for everything.


Candidate: Ross Laver

I was recommended Phil as a driving instructor, having had two previous instructors, who had my confidence put down to an all time low level with driving. He quickly restored my confidence. I enjoyed every lesson I had with Phil. He explained what was needed clearly and calmly, this didn't happen with my other two instructors. He has given me the confidence necessary to drive on the road safely, this is now a skill that I will have for life. I would recommend Phil to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor. 


Candidate: Bonnie Silver


Having had my time and money wasted by previous driving instructors, I was about ready to throw the towel in! Learning with Adam at Countywide changed all that. He not only taught me how to drive well, but also how to become a driver. He was patient and gave me confidence I didn't realise I had. After around 21 hours I passed first time with Adam, and would highly recommend him to family and friends. Thanks Adam!!!

Candidate: Ryan Goodliff


“I’m very pleased that I chose Countywide for my intensive driving course. I passed my practical test first time thanks to my superb instructor Kevin who, despite my initial anxieties, made me feel at ease and made the whole learning experience very comfortable indeed”

Candidate: Bobbak Rabiei


Thank you, its a great feeling to pass first time! Yes of course, here you go:

"Mike is an exceptional instructor to have, I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!  His teaching standard is very high, always supportive and he is always thorough making sure you know everything to a high quality, reinforcing the skills you learn. Always makes you feel confident in your abilities and relaxed-especially if you suffer from test nerves! Through his patience, experience and genuine interest in his students, I can guarantee you will end up being the best driver possible with Mike."
Thanks again to Mike and the school.
Kind regards,
Bobbak Rabiei


Candidate: Connor Zackereece


Thank you - it is a big relief to have it all done and out of the way!

Mike can only be summed up in two words, well two words that I feel best suit him: patient and fantastic. He provided me with the confidence that was knocked out of me whilst driving with another school back at home in Birmingham. I felt at ease with him and I felt he wasn't just an instructor but a friend I could go out on a drive with. He - in my opinion - is an asset to the School.
I hope all is well, thank you for having me!
Kind regards and much appreciation - always,


Candidate: Struck Valentine


Hi Phil,

"After failing my driving test years ago, I finally decided to get back into it and take an intensive course. Phil made me feel right at home and brought me back up to speed in just one week! I passed with flying colours, which is testimony to Phil's teaching skill. Thanks Phil!"

Regards, Struck

Candidate: Matt Higgins


Hello Lawrence. Thank you so much for getting me through my test! Great instructor and will highly recommend you! Regards. Matt!

Candidate: Naomi


Phil is an excellent driving instructor. I attempted my driving test a few times over 12 years ago, but completely went to pieces each time. Having recently had a baby I decided it was time to try again! Phil put up with my nerves and lack of confidence, constantly giving me encouragement and trying to build my confidence. Phil's endless patience and good humour made lessons enjoyable. A goal was set at the start of each lesson. These were always realistic which meant I came away from my lesson with a sense of achievement, focusing on the positive elements of my driving, instead of the aspects which still needed much improving! I would highly recommend anybody of any age (over 17 of course!) to have driving tuition with Phil. My Mum and Nan are thinking of having a refresher lesson! Thank you Phil.

Candidate: Thomas Sayer


My name is Thomas sayer . Today I passed my driving practical after having 20 hours with mark one of your instructors. Just wanted to say thank you to him , he was a great instructor and very helpful .

Many thanks

Thomas Sayer

Candidate: Gillian Fraser


I would like to say a huge thank you to Phil for putting up with me through my lessons and getting me to a point where I was able to pass my test. I had two previous instructors but I didn't feel I was getting anywhere. 
I found Phil and he just knew what he was talking about. He took everything on a gradient with me and made sure I understood it before moving onto the next thing. He always validated my good points which made me want to keep going! :) I used to dread going on lessons but with Phil I didn't. Really appreciate your time and thank you so much for being such a wonderful patient instructor. :)

Gillian Fraser 

Candidate: Millie McGuffie


I had lessons with Phil for four months and having never driven a car before Phil made the lessons relaxed, enjoyable and exciting. I always felt safe being in the car with Phil, as his professional manner and calm personality made it an easy environment for me to learn. Phil was always very well organised and would go through everything I needed to know and achieve before, and after, each of the lessons. Every lesson taught me something new, and built up my confidence and driving skills. I was so happy to recently pass my driving test, although so sad that I would no longer be spending time with Phil on a weekly basis. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough, he is an amazing instructor who I will remember for the rest of my life. If you are looking for someone to put you at ease and give you a great first driving experience, Phil is the instructor for you!

Millie McGuffie, East Grinstead

Candidate: Adam Woolcott


Hey Phil,

Sorry it's taken so long to get round to sending this testimonial for you:

I cannot recommend Phil highly enough, he is a brilliant instructor and I managed to pass my test first time with only one minor all thanks to Phil! All his lessons were thoroughly enjoyable and I felt comfortable right from the first lesson due to his calm, friendly and professional manner. He helped me build my confidence when driving and his teaching techniques and tools really helped me remember all that I needed to - his iPad app and dashboard camera were fantastic tools for showing what to do in real life situations and replaying and reviewing events in the lesson. 

Phil was never late, always relaxed and every lesson was really good fun.

I can honestly say that I always felt safe in the car with him and it has been a pleasure to learn to drive with Phil, I can't praise him enough - would thoroughly recommend!

Hope this is okay for you.

Also thank you very much for all you have taught me - I am thrilled that I passed my test and feel that because of your teaching I will be a safe driver for the rest of my life.

All the best


Candidate: Anchal Cryer


I had driving lessons with Phil for just under 6 months. I started from scratch, never having driven before and at first found it very scary! Phil was an amazing teacher, he knew just how scared I was and took it step by step, whilst ensuring that I became much more confident on the road. I couldn’t recommend Phil enough; he made every single lesson very entertaining and fun! I had a brilliant time and when I passed my driving test (with only 2 minors) I was actually quite sad that I would no longer be having driving lessons. I now love driving and have had a great driving experience with Phil, I can’t praise him enough!


Candidate: Tom Laver


Phil is a top man. I have nothing but praise for Phil. I had about 40 lessons with him and I enjoyed them all! Every lesson he arrived on or before time, was not late once! When he was unable to make the lesson because of flooding, he left me voicemail in good time. Everything was explained clearly and calmly, he also made use of his in-car camera and iPad apps well. He mixed fun and professionalism perfectly. Lessons were like just enjoying time with your mate driving about in a relaxed atmosphere. Not once did he shout, or ever damage my confidence.  I was one of his pupils who lived far from where he does, however, he was always happy to come the distance to give me a lesson.

Pros of Phil:  -  Calm, relaxed and friendly -    Gave me good confidence with driving - Never late -Had good bant -  Enjoyed my time with him

Cons of Phil:  -  Spurs fan -  Jealous of my hairstyle

Overall, I would recommend Phil to anyone. The biggest compliment he gave me, was that he felt “comfortable” being driven by me. My friends have always said how they dread driving with other companies and instructors, but with Phil I genuinely enjoyed every minute.


Candidate: Kim


Thank you very much! I am so happy and very please with the service both yourself and Phil provided. Please find my testimonial below regarding Phil: "For anyone learning to drive, I would definitely recommend Phil. Having driven already 5 years ago but lacking in confidence, the thought of driving again seemed like a considerable feat. But, all that worry soon disintegrated with Phil as my instructor. He was professional, friendly and made me see the enjoyment in driving. Always well on time and enthusiastic, Phil ensured I understood everything clearly, gave me handouts and pictures from his iPad app (which is amazing!) and taught me the importance of staying safe on-the-road. I could go on all day long and can not thank Phil or sing his praises enough!"

Thank you for all your help!



Candidate: Tobias Parker


Was really exceptional I drove everywhere we went which was really good and also Adam is really friendly and easy to get along with. As well as this he always turns up on time and makes sure that everything is explained in a clear way. Would recommend him to anyone learning to drive :) I passed first time with only 4 minors.

Candidate: Kerry Deakon


I was so glad to have Lawrence as my instructor he was so calm and really did help. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn. before him I would never of passed.

Kerrie from lancing West Sussex 


Candidate: Louise Scanlon


I thought Phil was a brilliant instructor with just the right balance of friendliness and professionalism. He did very well at focussing the lessons on areas of my driving that we both discussed I needed to work on that day and explained things in a clear way that was easy to understand and transfer into practise. I felt very safe and confident in the car and thanks to Phil when it came to my test day I was very well prepared. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Candidate: Emma Cant 


I would highly recommend anyone learning to drive with Phil. I was very unconfident and scared of driving and Phil totally changed that. I had a 7 year gap from when I first tried to Learn to drive and found a change in teacher was all I needed. Phil is very patient and never made me feel bad if I did anything wrong. He says everything in his car is a lesson. I found the use of the apps on the ipad and handouts particularly helpful and Phil made sure I was actually reading them! By the end of the first lesson I felt totally comfortable with Phil and lessons became really fun even though I had intially hated driving. I passed my test first time with only 3 minors and was delighted. Now when im driving I just think WWPD (What would Phil Do?) It has been a pleasure to learn with Phil and I can't thank him enough!

Candidate: Dani Brown


"Phil was amazingly patient and calm with me when I was learning to drive with him, his teaching methods were really good and easy to remember, and he made every lesson fun which ultimately meant I took more of what he said in and remembered it. He was so great, both my little sister and I have passed with him, and I have even lined up my smallest sister for lessons with him already and she's only 12! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phil and Countywide Driving. Countywide Driving were also really helpful and booked everything for me, all I had to do was say when I was available and they booked everything around me!"

Candidate: Daniel moriarty


excellent teacher, knows how to get advice across without making anything confusing, had excellent success after booking a block session and passed 1st time. 

Candidate: Connor Emery


Adam was an awesome teacher in which I could rely on to know exactly what I needed to know, alongside being an absolute legend.

Candidate: George Duplock


when starting out I thought that I was one of these people that should never be behind the wheel of a car, but Adam noticed this and made each stage of learning interesting and easy to get the hang of. And when learning all of the aspects of driving Adam teaches you with a laid back attitude which relaxed me whenever I got into the car and had a lesson, overall I never felt rushed and I could learn at my own pace.



Phil Simmons is a great driving instructor and helps you tackle any issue you may feel you have with driving. My driving was such a enjoyable experience, as I felt calm, relaxed and positive about my goal to pass my test. When I felt I couldn't overcome a fault I was put back on track with a positive solution by Phil. Couldn't have chosen a better driving instructor!!!!

Candidate: Lisa marie wright


Adam is an amazing instructor, so incredibly patient. I had previously been learning with bsm in Brighton but did not feel at all comfortable with the instructor but with Adam it was completely the opposite. He helped me to pass my test first time and im so pleased I took my lessons with him. I would highly recommend. 
Thank you Adam.

Candidate: Phoebe Woodcock


Helped me tremendously. Very patient and lessons were enjoyable and made the whole experience brilliant. Even passed me first time with only three minors. Would recommend to anyone wanting to drive.

Candidate: James Leggett


Adam was a huge amount of help with aiding me to pass my test at the first time of asking. He is extremely easy to get a long with which makes learning to drive a lot easier. His methods in teaching are extremely useful and his levels of patience are very good (which he needed with me). The pack he provides was a constant help and had all the information I needed. Couldn't recommend him enough and once again THANK YOU ADAM!

Candidate: Georgia Baker


Adam was a fantastic driving instructor and helped me pass my test first time. Very patient, friendly and flexible with hours which made lessons easy to fit around college. He was consistent with his teaching and covered everything and more to be a safe driver. Would highly recommend. Thank you Adam!

Candidate: Nikki Cooke


Adam was a fantastic instructor who always made me feel at ease with his patience and humour. I will be recommending him to family and friends.

Candidate: Luke Joseph Breading


Good instructor and easy to get along with.

Candidate: Stephren Darling


Adam is a brilliant instructor, and stuck through all the attempts it took me to pass my driving test. Very high quality and enjoyable lessons.

Candidate: Rebecca Faulkner


Adam was very good as I had under the recommended amount of hours but I still managed to pass first time with his help.

Candidate: Alicia Lauren Smith


I passed my test 2nd time. Thank you to Adam Guratsky who was really patient with me and made my learning experience more enjoyable. I have gained a lot of confidence in my driving and will be recommending him to people I know in the future.

Candidate: John Harvard Harris


Adam was very easy to get on with, encouraging and thoughtful in his approach. At 41, with plenty of road experience (on a 125cc motorcycle), and knowing how to drive a car, I needed to get test ready, and wanted to do it quickly. Doing mostly 2 hour sessions, I passed in just 19 days, with only 2 minors. Thank you Adam!

Candidate: Mudit Singh


Adam is a very patient tutor and it is only because of his perseverance that I managed to pass my practical driving test in the first attempt. With his clear and concise instructions, I built up confidence in my driving as each lesson passed. He is also very flexible with time of lessons and goes out of his way to accommodate his student's requirements. I can highly recommend his driving lessons to all learners, from first timers to experienced drivers.

Candidate: Felicity Leigh-Hudson


Adam is an excellent driving instructor who is really dedicated to his students (he had to get up and 5:30 on the morning of my test). He was extremely patient with me though my tears and frustration as driving didn’t really come naturally to me at first. Adam made sure that I had the confidence to deal with every situation I would come across and helped me to believe that I could pass my test. He also has a great sense of humour, and having daughters around my age I really felt he knew how to relate to me. Thank you so much Adam, I’m now on the roads at last!

Candidate: Toni Tomlin


When I first started to drive I didnt believe I could do it adam really helped me gain the confidence to be a driver. He explained things clearly and is a great teacher he was very patient and listened to my questions. He is a great teacher and I would recommend him to any one looking to learn to drive. Excellent service for a great price as well which always helps! I passed my test first time and this was all thanks to having a great driving instructor I can not thank him enough!.

Candidate: Ryan Short


Adam was a great instructor who took me from someone who had no idea how to drive a car at the end of September to someone who was able to pass a driving test by the end of February. Great value for money would recommend to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive!

Candidate: Sam Boughen


My overall experience learning to drive with Adam Guratsky was excellent i felt confident behind the wheel and felt he was very approachable and willing to help. He got me well prepared for my test which i passed first time around and felt he was good value for money.

Candidate: Jodie Wood


Adam was a great instructor and helped me pass first time!! Would recommend to everyone :)

Candidate: Kaz Ariakutti


Adam is an amazing instructor,he really helped me get over my fears of meeting traffic, and help me gain a lot of confidence.

Candidate: Sam Ransom


Adam is a great driving instructor, he is very friendly, patient and knows exactly how to make you improve your driving significantly during the lessons. Also very easy to communicate with. Cheers Adam!

Candidate: Kim Batt


I think that Adam is a brilliant driving instructor. I passed my test first time, with out the support given from Adam that may not of been the case. If you want/need an instructor who is honest and tells it how it is, no messing about then he is exactly that. I recommend him to any one i know that wants to learn

Candidate: Hannah Richardson


Adam is an exceptional driving instructor. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He was very patient, explained everything in detail and went out of his way to ensure that I was completely ready for my practical test. The price of lessons were actually very reasonable, and well worth the quality of the service I received. Thank you for everything Adam! Very pleased I have passed!

Candidate: Ben Farrer


I couldn't of asked for a better teacher, he was always calm and respectful always nice and polite and taught me exactly what i needed to no to pass. i passed first time and am very grateful to adam for this i have and will continue to recommend him to anyone as he was a brilliant driving instructor.

Candidate: Kate Andrews


Learning to drive with Adam has been a great experience. Not only did he put my nerves at ease he made it fun and the encouragement was endless. He is very patient and his teaching method made the learning curve exciting and relaxed. I would highly recommend Adam to any one learning to drive.

Thank you so much Adam
Kate - Focus Group, Southwick

Candidate: Larissa Rowe


I am very pleased with the service of Countywide Driving School and my instructor Adam Guratsky in particular. His experience and expertise in driving and training is evident throughout the lessons through the techniques used, information given and range of resources. As an initially very nervous student he made it easy for me to learn and I finished feeling very safe and confident in my driving. I'm incredibly pleased with my pass with only one minor and it is most definitely a testament to my instructor.

Candidate: Cameron Manson


Adam was a brilliant instructor taking me through everything I needed to know. With a friendly teaching style and incredible knowledge I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Good job once again, and thank you for everything.

Candidate: Rose Gallon


I tried a few different instructors and none were anywhere near as good as Adam. He is very patient and confidence building, and he makes sure you are ready and prepared for a test, but without being pushy. He is also very funny! Thank You Adam! :) Rosie and Joe

Candidate: Holly Bergin


Adam is a brilliant instructor and i would recommend him highly. Adam made me feel comfortable and relaxed and he is also really funny!! I think he done a very good job as i passed both the theory an practical tests first time. Timings are also really flexible which is really handy! 10/10 for this bloke!! :-)

Candidate: Paul Yates


Adam was a fantastic driving instructor, very patient, went through everything thoroughly, helped me past first time, very pleasant person

Many Thanks Adam.
Paul Yates

Candidate: Fiona Penfold



Adam was my driving instructor for a year. He is friendly, calm and reassuring. Without his patience and encouragement I would have given up as I suffered with such bad nerves when learning to drive. But despite this, thanks to Adam I managed to pass my test first time. I thoroughly recommend Adam if you are learning to drive.

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